True to maine, true to ourselves

We brought our knowledge of fermenting and distilling back home to Maine, and we've been committed ever since to crafting wines and spirits from real Maine ingredients. 

Maine's unique growing seasons have become our inspiration, and we delight in finding new distillations to make from the bounty of Maine fruits and grains. 

Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery Keith Bodine

Keith Bodine

In the alcohol business since 1992, Keith earned his MS in Food Science and winemaking (enology, actually) at the University of California, Davis. His day to day focus is building a program of excellence and individuality through the well crafted wines and spirits that Sweetgrass creates.  

Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery Constance Bodine

Constance Bodine

Constance is the heart, the soul, and the brains behind the myriad of wonderful things that make Sweetgrass a reality. While she is most at home in the fields, gardens, and barns that produce our ingredients, she’s just as adept at handling the details of our day to day business.




From winery/distillery design to production to sensory analysis to problem solving, Keith has the knowledge to create a solution that fits your needs, and he takes a special joy in helping new spirits get off the ground. Get in touch today to bring Keith onto your team.