Forged from the true spirit of Maine.

sweetgrass farm winery & distillery

Since 2005, we've been committed to crafting the best wines and spirits, made with love, from fruits and grains grown here in Maine. We're proud to be a family run business — rooted in culture, inspired by place, devoted to excellence in every bottle. 

Come visit us in Union, Portland, or Kennebunk, and have a taste of authentic Maine. 



Since day one, we've been dedicated to making authentic and delicious wines from quality Maine fruits. We're proud to share our wines made from Maine's bounty.  


From our flagship Back River Gin to our wide range of spirits including rum, and brandy, we make the most of our distillery and our custom built still. And yes, we make whiskey. 


Come see us at our tasting rooms. We're located on Fore Street in Portland's Old Port, in Kennebunk’s Lower Village at Maine Art Hill, and at Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery in Union, Maine.   


making the most of maine's bounty

We're committed to making the most delicious spirits from honest ingredients, and reflecting the terroir of Maine.